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SAMINA FORAM (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. in Longgang District, Shenzhen, Ping Shan Tang Hang Hideaki Port Wing cosmetics factory. Factories located in the back garden of Hong Kong to the forefront of reform and opening ------ Shenzhen. It is a professional production of toiletries factory. Since its 1993 inception, we have been upholding the "integrity management, and common development," the service aims to "innovation, aggressive" spirit of enterprise as a guide.

After all the factory workers in the joint efforts, we constantly develop new products, in the vast customer base established a good image quality, and establish a long-term trade partnership, our products are exported to Korea, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and establish a good reputation in the industry. We are constantly updating equipment to improve production, and a number of strong ideological, theoretical strong, skilled team of professionals, stable quality raw materials procurement channels, to produce fully able to meet customer demand for products. We start from the initial single brushes, extended now to brush, easel, sponge brush, beauty tools, makeup accessories, and other fields. In the fierce competition in the commercial development, high-quality products is essential, we always strict quality control, from the customer point of view, for the sake of customers. The introduction of advanced Korean cosmetic industry experience, ISO9001 quality management system and 5S management system. Constantly on the staff and staff training, instilling the concept of quality. We have dozens of people from the initial development to the scale of hundreds of people.

We continue to move forward, continue to improve, continue to move towards perfection. Factory is willing to continue in the future to continue to work together with countries inside and outside the new and old customers and common development. My company mainly produces cosmetic brush, nylon feather semi-finished products, makeup tools, supplies, nail brush, nail supplies, oil paints, watercolor pen, brush acrylic brushes and other products. Products exported to Europe, America, Japan and more than thirty countries and regions, the export of products and brands in the world, enjoy a certain reputation.

Founded in 1976, South Korea (mainly domestic sales in Korea) moved to China in 1991 (to open up foreign markets, sales in the world) Address: Shenzhen, China * Contract number: 500 ~ 600 - brushes, brush main components and manufacturing processes - brass, aluminum: pressure pipe, polishing, plating wooden handle: paint, dried * Acrylic handle: semi-manual processing * Animal hair (wool, horse hair, weasel tail hair, squirrel dyed hair, Niuer hair, etc.) mixed wool whole wool processing, nylon hair, PBT nylon hair dyeing process, mixed wool made of a single color, color, two-color, three-color (imitation badger hair color), color (imitation precious animal hair color) and natural white, etc.

natural animal hair, according to the needs of a variety of different purposes and processing of various animal hair by mixing ratio of mixed wool, pure single kind of animal hair

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