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【2015/8/24】 【 window print 】 【 window close

Show Description: US cosmetics market information: United States remains the world’s largest cosmetics producer and seller, which occupied many brands cosmetics market, the United States currently has more than 500 companies producing cosmetics, production and operation of clean skin care class ﹑ ﹑ guard hair type ﹑ perfume beauty lights and special purpose cosmetics five major categories 25,000 kinds. High degree of beauty products specially subdivision outside, the other major feature of the US cosmetics market is popular, beauty products deeply into the lives of Americans. In actively seeking high-end brand market share at the same time, the major brand groups and chain drug store also offers numerous reasonable price, good quality cosmetics, daily necessities become Americans. The in-depth coverage of business to Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and other South American markets. Even in times of economic turmoil, this part of the market demand remains undiminished. Thus, the US market for concern cosmetics packaging materials, accessories, private label and contract production of raw and other beauty products supporting industries is very high. 2008 data show the US Department of Health and Beauty Show (HBA) has been successfully held for 16 years in the cosmetics packaging materials, accessories, private label and contract manufacturing, personal care products, raw materials and additives, Gifts and Premiums fields have excellent market position and became North America’s largest and most influential exhibition.

Display: cosmetics, perfumes, professional hair products, beauty appliances, oral hygiene products, household hygiene cleaning supplies, home fragrance products, gifts, jewelry, hair salons and cosmetics stores with furniture and equipment, salon supplies and the latest products, professional beauty salon products and equipment, specialty media, cosmetics packaging and raw materials.



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